About us

Little Charlie Wheeler ceramics are handmade in southern Tasmania.

The Little Charlie Wheeler Story......

Hi there! My name is Rebecca, and I am the designer and maker at Little Charlie Wheeler. I'm a wife to a loving husband, a Mum to four amazing children and a Granny to one beautiful little granddaughter; a Registered Nurse, Defence Force Veteran and a potter.

In 2015, I launched my business, Little Charlie Wheeler after my passion for making pottery outgrew our own needs. Now, instead of sitting on the Monash Freeway for two hours a day to get home from work, I make modern farmhouse bespoke ceramics in my little studio in our backyard in southern Tasmania.

Growing up in central Queensland, I am attracted to farmhouse style, and simplicity. I don't like to follow what's 'on trend', but prefer to surround myself with things that either have meaning to me, or have 'a bit of character'; somewhat like the 'characters' I grew up around - the Aussie larrikin, bushman, the men and women who worked the land.

The name, 'Little Charlie Wheeler' was inspired from my childhood, where Aussie slang was a part of every day speech. The 'language of the bush' I like to call it. The term, 'charlie wheeler', means 'sheila' or 'girl', so little charlie wheeler means 'little girl'. It holds great fondness for me as it is a term my Dad uses. 'Wheeler' also denotes the pottery 'wheel', which I use to create most of the ceramic pieces I make.