SAMPLE Impressions Mug - Squat and Wonky

SAMPLE Impressions Mug - Squat and Wonky

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Made as a sample to test out different types of handles, this 'Impressions' Pinch Mug is a little vertically challenged; squat and wonky - imperfectly perfect.

Made from lightly speckled stoneware clay and glazed with our 'Sea Foam' glaze. The Sea Foam range features textured stoneware clay, with a satin white glaze. The glaze highlights the natural beauty of the clay and is reminiscent of white sea foam on the tips of waves as they flow over the sandy beach.


Dimensions: (approx)

7.5cm high x 9cm wide 

Please note that this is a sample piece and as such, it is the only one available.

Each piece is handmade on a pottery wheel, and have their own unique features. No two pieces are ever the same.

This item has been designed to be used and loved. Enjoy the texture and warmth that it will bring to your dining experience. All stoneware items are dishwasher and oven safe, although hand washing is recommended. Please avoid thermal shock.

Sold individually.